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The choice of recarburizer is critical

2021-02-26 16:34:01



1. The general good effect is the high temperature graphitization treatment of the recarburizer. Only after the high temperature graphitization treatment, the carbon atoms can be converted from the original disorderly arrangement state to the orderly arranged flake graphite, and the flake graphite can become graphite. The core nucleates, thereby promoting graphitization. If the selected recarburizer is not graphitized at high temperature, the nucleation ability of graphite is greatly reduced, and the graphitization ability is weakened. Even if the same carbon content is reached, the result is completely different.


2. The amount of recarburizer added should depend on the ratio of other raw materials and the carbon content. Choose the appropriate type of recarburizer according to the different needs of cast iron. According to the characteristics of the carbon agent, pure carbon-containing graphitized materials are selected to reduce excessive impurities in the pig iron. The choice of the carbon agent can reduce the production cost of castings.

The purpose of adding the recarburizer during the smelting process is to increase the carbon content, which can better increase the graphitization expansion, thereby reducing the appearance of shrinkage and porosity of the casting. Of course, it also has an important influence on the recovery rate of magnesium. In addition, the use of recarburizers increases the carbon content of molten iron and improves the fluidity of ductile iron, which is conducive to replenishment and shrinkage. After a lot of experiments, it is concluded that the content required to produce high-quality castings is C%+1/7si%>39%.

After high-temperature graphitization, the nitrogen content of the recarburizer is greatly reduced, because only in the high-temperature graphitization stage, sulfur, nitrogen, and hydrogen will volatilize, which is the key to preventing nitrogen holes in the casting. The recarburizer products produced by Weijie Graphite are widely used in the foundry industry, especially the production of nodular cast iron and gray cast iron. They have the characteristics of stable quality, fast absorption rate and high absorption rate. The recarburizer product has a unique inoculation effect, and the casting recarburizer can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise.


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Address: Room 114, Agricultural Service Center, Baqiangzi Town, Panshan County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province


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