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Interpretation knowledge of recarburizer

2019-05-22 11:40:18

There are many kinds of raw materials for recarburizers, and the production processes are also different. There are woody carbon, coal-based carbon, coke, graphite, etc., among which there are many small types under various categories. High-quality recarburizer generally refers to a recarburizer that has undergone graphitization. Under high temperature conditions, the arrangement of carbon atoms is in the microscopic form of graphite, so it is called graphitization. Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the recarburizer, increase the carbon content of the recarburizer, and reduce the sulfur content.

There are many sources of recarburizers, with different forms, and their prices vary greatly according to their processing technology and composition. The traditional smelting method is similar to cupola smelting: pig iron, reheating material, scrap steel, ferroalloys, etc. are used as metal charge; the new synthetic cast iron production process: scrap steel is used as charge, and recarburizers are used to adjust the carbon equivalent of molten iron. The latter production method is easier to ensure high-quality molten iron, and at the same time greatly reduces costs by using less or replacing pig iron with scrap steel. In layman's terms, using recarburizers, we can use the worst (scrap steel) to make good (castings).

The following will introduce how to use the recarburizer.

When the recarburizer is used for casting, the amount of scrap can be greatly increased, the amount of pig iron can be reduced, or the amount of pig iron can be eliminated. Here are some steps

1. The overheating temperature of molten iron: the mass absorption of recarburizer is generally above 1420 degrees, so the overheating temperature of molten iron should not be too low, the general temperature is 1500-1550 degrees. At this time, the recarburizer is decomposed on its various chemical substrates, and the mechanical properties of the casting can reach good.

2. Time control: The absorption rate of the recarburizer is directly proportional to the extension of the time, and it can be completely absorbed generally at a high temperature for about 10 minutes.

3. Stirring degree of molten iron: the contact surface area of recarburizer and molten iron increases. The absorption rate is fast and high. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the recarburizer should be added before smelting, and the effect of adding on the surface of the molten iron or the hanging bag is very ideal.


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